It all started when…

The Thai House of Blessing was established by Josh ( Wisit) and Julie (Mayuree) Phanphatthana to rescue at risk children. Through their work they have had up to 20 at risk children living with them and their own 3 young children. They work among the Northern Hill tribes, which are the most at risk people group in Thailand to be trafficked.

Why are the Northern Tribal groups most at risk? They often lack citizen documentation, which means they cannot receive a proper education, they are limited in their ability to provide for themselves or their children, they cannot obtain a driver’s license, or open a bank account, and they are restricted in their ability to travel, this creates an ongoing cycle of exploitation and leads to being vulnerable to being at risk of being trafficked. Josh and Julie work with the Thai anti-Trafficking task force trying to eradicate and break this cycle.

The House of Blessing currently live on a small working farm close to a northern border town. They have 6 boys that have been rescued living with them as well as a widowed house Mother. The Thai House Of Blessing along with Sparrow Children’s Home desire to give every child an opportunity to thrive in a safe, loving home where they have an opportunity to grow into strong productive young people and in doing so they break the cycle of exploitation.

If you would desire partner with us by sponsoring one of these at risk children you can do so by clicking the button below.

Dawn Palmer, Team Lead